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10 Amazing Facts About Indian Food

Amazing Facts About Indian Food Indians love food. Food has a significant role in Indian culture. India is a diverse country and therefore has a wide variety of cuisines. The food served in Indian restaurants worldwide also adds to the popularity of the country. This blog will look at some amazing facts about Indian food . Many different cuisines are part of Indian food. A few of these cuisines are present because of the other regions of the country and the various tribes that inhabit them. Indian food has been around for a long time. Indian cuisine is the world's most diverse and colorful. India has eight different flavors and all of them are represented in different parts of the country. It’s possible to have a meal that’s purely vegetarian, or one where you’re eating goat, chicken, lamb, shrimp, or some combination of these meats. Indian food is also so varied because it’s made with such an extensive list of ingredients! Let’s explore some amazing facts about Indian food .