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Joe Biden’s inauguration: interesting facts about 46th US President

Washington: Joe Biden, a name that emerged victories in the Presidential elections of the United States of America (USA) against Donald Trump, will take charge of the country on Tuesday. The 77-year-old man won after the world witnessed a nailbiting fight between the Republicans and the Democrats. 

Biden, who has spent 5 decades in Washington, will take charge as the 46th President of America. Ahead of the ceremony, Biden took to his Instagram and wrote, “I know sometimes it can feel like you watch me on TV or you see my social media posts, but you’ve never gotten a chance to meet me in real life. That’s why I wanted to share 11 facts about me you might not know!”

Here are 11 facts you did not know about Biden

  • He was born in Pennsylvania in 1942.
  • Joe Biden has run for presidency twice in the past- in 1988 and in 2008. 
  • As a youngster, Biden played on his high school football team and they were undefeated in 1960. 
  • Biden grew up with a stutter and often recited Yeats to get rid of it 
  • Joe Biden has two dogs- Champ and Major. Both of them are German Shepherds. 
  • Biden was one of the youngest people who was ever elected in the US Senate. 
  • In December 1972, Joe Biden lost his wife Neilia and their one-year-old daughter Amy to a road accident. His sons Beau and Hunter also suffered injuries. 
  • Joe Biden swore into the Senate at a hospital, next to his sons when he lost his wife and daughter. 
  • He is the second Catholic president in the history of USA, after John F Kennedy.
  • Bident wrote the Violence Against Women Act.
  • He loves ice cream, and his favourite flavour is chocolate chip.

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