Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle: There are so many places in the world that are unseen or extremely mysterious. At some places, no human has put their steps ever, isn’t it strange? Well, if you look at this in a positive way, you will be relaxed thinking about Wifi, Cafe’s, Pizza, etc. I can’t live without these 😛

Whenever I think about mysterious places on earth, number one in my list is Bermuda Triangle. You must have heard about it, somewhere on the internet or definitely in the movies. There are countless people who have disappeared while travelling through it.

Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle:

  • It is not a triangle but it’s there in the name, surprise? Many consider these points between Miami Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda.
  • It has no official boundaries, yet. No one has ever seen its full dimensions because of that it is not recognized as a real place. There is no mention of the Bermuda Triangle on any official world map or in the atlas.
Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle
  • The climate of this place is always surrounded by heavy rains, black clouds, storms, and mostly thunder. The view would be mesmerizing, you can imagine that, falling of electricity from the sky.
  • The storms at this place are so strong that they can easily tear down a plane in pieces.
  • Here you will find the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center, which belongs to the American Government.
  • US Navy tests their submarine’s sonar and even weapons using a deep ocean basin approximately 20 nautical miles wide and 90 nautical long and more than 5000 feet deep.
  • The US Navy services use a Deepwater range for weapons testing and can track 63 in water objects. With a mind-blowing air tracking capabilities which allow them to test various systems and range weapons.
  • Same kind of protection they are having for water to experiment with various forms of underwater systems.
  • You might have read about Methane during your schooling, what if I tell you we have tons of methane underwater, would you believe it? Well, it’s true, there is a huge collection of methane gas located 1000s feet below the ocean. The scientist said, when this gas escapes and released into the sea, it changes the density of the water. This phenomenon can cause ships to sink.
  • However, in 2014 it was argued that the largest collection of methane gas is located far away from the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Also, methane would need to pass thousands of feet of dregs below the ocean floor. After that, it needs to pass thousands of feet of water to reach the surface. It likely wouldn’t cause much damage.
  • It covers an area of roughly 400000 to 1 million square miles. It’s been a topic of debate for so many years and yet nothing is fixed. Despite having so many interesting facts about this place, there has never been a formal study performed.
  • The scientist thinks and they believe there is nothing mythical or magical hidden. All the information which we are reading nowadays on the web is coming from private investigators and unknown sources.
  • After surfing the internet I got to know that Bermuda Triangle is actually heavily traveled by cargo and cruise ships. Plenty of commercial and private planes also flying above it. If any of those sink in the sea it is because of storms or hurricanes.
  • Bermuda triangle is the place where the compass points out to the actual north. The gap in degrees between the two North’s is known as the compass variations and can differ as much as 18 degrees.
  • US Coast guard has blamed this phenomenon for misleading their compass while traveling through the Bermuda triangle. It happens because at one point the magnetic and absolute geographic.
  • North falls on the same line so if someone has not adjusted their charts to consider compass variation, they may end up dramatically off course.
  • Christopher Columbus was the first person whose compass started to fail while traveling the Bermuda triangle. They made it out though and continued their voyage.

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